TORQ is an exploration game, where you play a hero chosen by forgotten gods to confront the Shadow and bring balance to the world. The game is a metroidvania inspired game, featuring a skill progression system that reacts to your gameplay, a story that evolves according to what you do, and a handpainted aesthetic that merges 2D and 3D.

In TORQ you play as Ahtok, a young boy that, in his rite of passage into adulthood, gets involved in the unveiling of ancient powers. Ambitions for a better future and creatures of shadow clash and cross, bringing changes and potential disasters for the people of Mapu. It all starts when a group of foreign explorers come looking for the long forgotten secrets of their city and, suddenly, the unthinkable happens. Spectres from a forgotten god threaten to destroy the explorers and their guide, Ahtok, all this while an obscure veil of threat and uncertainty starts to unfold across the world.

TORQ is an adventure of discovering, of contemplating the ties that bond us and exploring new horizons. You’ll learn with Ahtok that every great adventure is built with little daily choices. The scene is set, now it is the time of heroes…


Hand-painted style

We believe in handmade games, so we wanted to give you a handpainted style, handpainted textures for our models so it resembles a drawing.

Immersive story

We have built a rich universe in which you can immerse yourself, be it in Ahtok's story or the story of the world, the gods, etc

Choices that matter

You control Ahtok, but your choices matter: they affect the paths the other 2 main characters take. If you align yourself with the Warrior god, then the other two characters will choose too, abed on your choice.

Complex combat system

We have six weapons to choose, and the more you use them, the better you get. Also we have a big skill tree, with many skills that you can gain by using different abilities, like for example: if you block with your shield and then attack, youmay gain a new abilitie that improves that combo. That way, the way you play determines how Ahtok will advance his abilities.

Focus on

We know you like to explore, so we have given you plenty of chance to do so, be it explore the world or your character's abilities.


We are accustomed to see European Fantasy, the typical medieval fantasy, but, how is Latin-aAmerican fantasy?


Images of our game, be it concept art or screenshots of the game itself.


There are six weapons to choose in Torq, and you have two slots for weapons: Primary weapon and secondary weapon. Each weapon has 3 main mechanics: A basic attack, a defensive move and a special attack.

Yngvi Studios

As a team, our goal is to develop games that explore all the different aesthetic layers of the game experience that this media permits. It isn't about priotizing game mechanichs, or art, leaving story or music behind, because for us, one cannot live without the other. When we work we look for the game to grow as a whole, in which each one of our areas of expertise support and add to each other's work. We believe in artisanal work, and we create thinking about how to make a handcrafted game, pouring time and dedication in each and every aspect of our creation.

We create because we think our stories and experiences are worth sharing. From personal anecdotes, to issues of our history; from the most archetypicals images to intimate beliefs, all of this pours into the fiction and the worlds we create.

That's the cornerstone our first work TORQ is based upon.

Patricio Chico

Patricio Chico


Carlos Lorca

Carlos Lorca


Héctor Rodríguez

Héctor Rodríguez


Pablo Schwarzenberg

Pablo Schwarzenberg


Francisca Soto

Francisca Soto



We are currently still in development. If you want to know the state of development, follow us on social media:


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